Very Light Aircraft

From beginning of the mankind, man look in to the sky full of flying birds. The passion was born, man wished to fly.

STERNA’s mission with STERNA VLA is to bring the freedom, fun, and adventure of flying to all who have dreamed of flight.

The new CAA world regulation for the Very light and Light Sport Aircraft category have redefined the possibilities for aviation and allowed STERNA to democratize aviation the same way that car or mobile phone industry democratize their products.

After years of development, combining general aviation and sophisticated design, STERNA has released the first of its sport VLA planes (codename ZEBA12).

This airplane offer an exciting and safe flying experience in a bold design that communicates beauty, performance, and most importantly, fun.

For the private owner, the STERNA VLA provides a safe and enlightening flying experience which is not available in planes with conventional fixed wings.

After experiencing a flight in the STERNA VLA you will truly appreciate the prestige design, superior visibility from the cabin and the safe docile handling characteristics.