STERNA’s mission is to supply customers with high-tech aircraft industry products. STERNA’s team of engineers has got the highest level of education and extensive practical experience in aircraft industry of Yugoslavia, Serbia and world-renowned manufacturers. We offer our consulting services by “Turn-key” method. Company is founded in May, 2013 and it is situated in Belgrade, Serbia.




  • Design, Production and Delivery of parts and assemblies.
  • Overhaul, reconstruction and repair.
  • Education and training of production, maintenance and flying personnel.
  • Maintenance and spare parts supply.


  • Industry workshop design.
  • “Turn-key” project realization (building constructions, equipment delivery, installation and commissioning, customer support)


Highly educated professionals in different areas:

  • M. Sc. Aeronautical Eng.
  • M. Sc. Production Eng.
  • M. Sc. Electro end Electronic Eng.
  • M. Sc. Technology Eng.
  • M. Sc. Software Eng.
  • M. Sc. Civil Eng
  • Pilots instructors, with special authorizations
  • Other specialists for different skills

All team members have average working experience in aircraft industry between 10 and 35 years. Those experts were participated in designing and production of following aircrafts and projects: Galeb G2, Orao, Super Galeb G4, Utva 75 family, Lasta, Field master (Under License), Optica (Under License), Gliders & Unmanned aircraft, parts and sub assemblies for Boeing, Airbus, IAI Bedeck etc.

STERNA Services

  • Projects as a service – from preliminary design to complete project documentation.
  • Technology as a service – complete technological preparation for production.
  • Tools and Jigs as a service – design and production of tools, jigs and other technological equipment.
  • Static testing as a service – production of structures for static testing.
  • Prototype as a service – production of prototypes.
  • Fly testing as a service – testing on the ground and in flight up to levels of homologation.
  • Serial production as a service – organization and technological preparation for serial production.
  • Customer support as a service – customer support up to the end of product life.
  • Staff training as a service – passing on skill and know how to our customers.
  • Quality as a service – quality control in process of production.