STERNA VLA airplane, which is designed according to CS-VLA standard, in same structure combines several key features:

  • The simplicity and compactness.
  • Technological eligibility for industrial production.
  • The lowest maintenance cost and economical use.
  • Simple and safe operation and maintenance.

The main purpose of the airplane is basic pilot training and sport flying however this airplane could be use in many different scenarios on which the designer paid attention during the design process.

With the amendments to the installed equipment the aircraft could be used for monitoring and recording from the air with very low costs of flight hour, and for other purposes as well. Usage examples:

  • Maintenance and monitoring of oil pipelines, gas pipelines, power lines.
  • Forest fire prevention and protection.
  • Surveillance of Borders and Roads.
  • Emergency aid.
  • Search and rescue operations.
  • Advertising in the air.
  • and many other, only limit is the sky!


  • Implementation of transport aviation technologies and production philosophy in the domain of very light airplane.
  • Unique industrial quality and flight safety.
  • Design and production is under permanent surveillance of NCAA based on EU/EASA regulations.
  • All team members have great experience in aircraft design and utilization.


  • Small airplane market is in development today!
  • Few competitors which have serial production.
  • Lifestyle trend – be a pilot of your own plane.
  • Technology development and innovation.
  • High variety of different needs on global market.
  • Business and product development.