Airplane STERNA VLA (Very Light Aircraft) belongs to category with total take-off mass of max 450 kg. The airplane in one design combines several important features:

  • The simplicity and compactness of construction.
  • Lowest costs of exploitation and maintenance.

Basic characteristics of aircraft construction:

  • Details and assemblies designed with a special attention to quality and reliability aimed for safe use and long airplane life.
  • All construction details, important for safety and reliability, designed for three E. Easy checks, Easy maintenance, Easy and quick control.
  • High quality raw materials. Aluminium and steel alloy, composite materials, paints etc.
  • Re-usage of existing high quality standard parts and raw materials on the market.
  • Structure composed of simple parts and assemblies designed for top manufacturability.
  • Simple and fast assembly and disassembly of aircraft because of maintenance, packaging and transportation.
  • Crew seated in forward of the wing enables scenic views.